The Flume

Today I really wanted to get some cool snowy mountain pictures, but the setting took a bit of a turn. It was going to take me too long to get to the snow and I only had about an hour of sunlight left for the day. So I turned off where I knew this pretty cool graffiti place down by the river. When I got there I then remember that the end of a flume was pretty close to there as well. I hiked about a mile from my car on this cool little trail, but it was so muddy. I had finally reached the entrance to the water way and there was a convenient piece of wood to climb over to get inside the flume. When I got in I fell in love. I kept telling myself that this place was the coolest place I had ever found. & I still believe that. These pictures don't really do justice but you get the gist.

Enjoy (:

davey hiblerComment