Late Night Reno Rooftop Hangs

This book I was reading awhile back that I never finished called Show Your Work, had a chapter in it about giving credit to your mentors. & I haven't quite done that at all. One of my biggest mentors when it comes to photography is my best friend Jared Emerson. He's been a thriving wedding photographer coming up on 4 seasons now. I mean I've always been in to photography just as a kid trying to film everything I did, and my dad taking pictures of every sporting event I did. But it really hit me when I saw and see Jared's work. The influence he has had on me has been huge. I could honestly say I'm at where I'm at today because of him. He was even the one who told me to read the book and that also had a huge sway in the way I've been doing things. I think I should finish it. 

Anyway, thank you jared for doing what you do and being you. Love you bro <3

Check out his work y'all (:

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