Blood Moon 4/4/15 (Fail)

As many of you know for the last blood moon I made a timelapse and made a bunch different cool images that corresponded with the night. But last night Blood Moon wasn't like the last one. 

The last Blood Moon lasted about 2-3 hours, having a visible red tint coming from the moon. Last nights only lasted a total of 5 minutes (4:57am-5:02am). So the failure wasnt all of my fault but I definitely could have been better prepared. Going in to this I should've realized but I was so excited to use the 500mm lens (priced at $6,000) that I was graciously lended to by Steve at Camera Clinic. Unfortunately when the moon, earth, and sun aligned, the light that was helping me get a higher quality image diminished so I had to bump up my ISO which created a brighter image, but quality is sacrificed.  I mean it's not a horrible image by any means, but it wasn't what I was looking for. I wanted to make a timelapse as well, but it was absolutely freezing and we would have been there for 3-4 more hours to get a 'worthy' timelapse. I kinda set a high expectation for myself for this project and I fell short. Which I'm completely okay with because I learned sooo much in the process. 

I'd say this project has set me up for a projected 'success' when I go out n shoot another star timelapse later this month (the 18th). I've shot one before (Linked here: ) But I'm excited to go out n do it again. Sure its not a moon timelapse but it has to do with the amazing universe so it's close enough. Thanks for reading my horrible spelling/grammered blog(s), hahahahha I appreciate all of the support. Much love (:

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