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2019 Wedding Film Investment



7 Hour Package

3-5 Minute Highlight Film

Drone Footage*

Ceremony + Speeches Video

10% Off any Add-Ons

Music Licensing

Year of File Storage

90 Day Delivery

Sent through Dropbox



9 Hour Package

4-6 Minute Highlight Film

Drone Footage*

45 Minute Feature Film

20% Off any Add-Ons

Next Week Facebook/Instagram Teaser

Client Revisions

Music Licensing

Year of File Storage

90 Day Delivery

Sent through Dropbox



10 Hour Package

5-7 Minute Highlight Film

Drone Footage*

Documentary Edit/All RAW Footage

30% Off any Add-Ons

Next Week Facebook/Instagram Teaser

Client Revisions

Music Licensing

Year of File Storage

60 Day Delivery

Sent through Dropbox

Include Photography - $2,850

One Photographer

350-550 Edited Digital Images

5-10 Next Week Edits

Year of File Storage

Link to Wedding Photos HERE


Next Week Facebook/Instagram Teaser - $150

30 Day Delivery - $200

Extra Hour - $250

45 Minute Feature Film  - $300

Documentary Edit - $400

Extended Highlight Film (7-10 Minutes) - $425

Next Day Full Edit - $450

Second Videographer - $550

Second Photographer - $550

Rehearsal Dinner Coverage - $750

All RAW footage - $775

 I ask for a 50% deposit to hold your date


4 5   M I N U T E   F E A T U R E   F I L M ?

The Feature Film is roughly 45 minutes. It includes your full edited ceremony, speeches, first dances, cake cutting, garter & bouquet toss. Essentially all of the traditionals that happen during your day.  

T H E   R A W   F O O T A G E ?

The RAW footage depends on how long I'm there for. But its typically around 200-300 clips & I send it to you guys on a hard drive. I'd purchase this add-on if you have someone in the family that know how to edit and use clips to make another film of your own. 


D O C U M E N T A R Y   E D I T ?

The Doc edit is one long 1.5-2.5 hour long video, that has all of the clips from the day in it. Its like watching your wedding day from start to end.


C L I E N T   R E V I S I O N S ?

Client revision means that once I am close to finishing your edit I send you guys a rough cut via iMessage or email to have you look over and tell me your thoughts and if you want anything taken out or added in there or any music or audio changes. It give you the control to make your film exactly how you want it. 


D O   W E   G E T   T O   C H O O S E   O U R   O W N   M U S I C ?

Choosing the music is actually part of my craft. I tend to pick music the fits with the vibe and emotion of that day. Audio in a film is extremely important and its most of the time a 'make or break' thing. Ultimately this is your video, so if you have some good ideas about the music you'd like, I'd be happy to see if we could license that song. 


S H O U L D   W E   H I R E   A   S E C O N D   V I D E O G R A P H E R ?

It is not always necessary but I highly recommend it. A second videographer adds another perspective to the wedding and can ease the stress when there is a situation that requires me to be in two places at once. There are numerous reasons why I think it’s a great investment to make, so please get in touch and we can chat further.


W H E N   D O   Y O U   F L Y   T H E   D R O N E ?

I typically fly right when I arrive to the venue. When no guest have arrived yet. The drone is a tool to help establish the setting of your film. If you have another request for its use, we can discuss that when we meet. 


D O   Y O U   F I L M   D U R I N G   T H E   F A M I L Y   P O R T R A I T   S E S S I O N  ?

This is your call, but from my experiences this time give me more time to get the reception area all set up, and plus you will have photos of all of this. I will be there to film the bridal party though, I think that's important and fun to capture. This time also give me extra time to fly the drone if needed.