Squat day of the Century - PRvill

Yesterday might have been the craziest day I have ever experienced at American Iron Gym. We had BigJess squat 1,005Lbs, Stu squat 905Lbs, Dustin beltless wrapless Squat 765Lbs, and Mike squat 765Lbs, and my little self and Buster squatted 625Lbs, and a Junior at reed high school Blake Gardner, squat 500Lbs.

Yes these were all reverse band squats, so the weight gets easier as you go down into the hole, but these are not light numbers what so ever. What these guys are doing are only being done by some of the most elite lifters in the world. 

I am truly blessed to be surrounded by such strong men to help guide me through my lifting journey. & most of all blessed to have a gym like American Iron. Thank you Bob and Tammy, you guys are the best.

Lots of love,

-Davey Hibler

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