Perris Benegas - BackFlip on 26” Mountain Bike

For the past 14 years Jim "Hacksaw" Severt has been building The Biggest Little Bike Park, in Nevada. This last week Jim, Perris and the gang have been rebuilding and perfecting the jumps to give Perris the best circumstances possible for her attempted flip. 

Perris has only had the mountain bike for two weeks now. She took it to Woodward, Tahoe once, only flipping into foam. That is until Saturday at The Biggest Little Bike Park, Perris pushed her limits and the outcome was a complete success. 

Her intentions with purchasing a Hard Tail Mountain Bike were to reach new goals and set new standards for herself. I'd say, she has done just that.

Congratulations Perris, it was a complete honor working with you and the guys!

davey hiblerComment