Las Vegas

Before this weekend I had never been to the Vegas strip. The reason for coming to Vegas was for a powering competition. I expected myself to do a whole lot better than 4/9 but I still qualified for Raw Nationals which will be in Pennsylvania in October. I stayed 2 extra days after the meet and roamed the strip and hung the friends. So my photographer self was excited that I got that extra time to do my thang downtown. 

So the absolute coolest, best, most amazing part about the competition was that it was fully sponsored by the owners of my gym, American Iron Gym, Bob and Tammy. I can not comprehend how generous these people are, in a sense I feel guilty that I didn't preform my best, but all that mattered was qualifying for nationals. About a month ago I squatted 500Lbs in just sleeves so I had set a goal to hit at least 505Lbs, which was also the previous national record. My opening squat was 460Lbs which I did quite easily, so I jumped to 485Lbs. The spotters weren't experienced so as I was coming up with the 485 (which I would've got) but one of the spotters grabbed the bar for some odd reason resulting in a no lift. Getting siked out I then failed my 3rd attempt at 485Lbs, so I only posted 460Lbs. Bench was typical for me, being my worst lift I only got 250Lbs for my 2nd attempt and I then failed my 3rd at 260Lbs. Deadlifts was actually maybe the most disappointing for me. I hit 545Lbs in the gym around the same time I hit that squat, but at the competition I only managed to get my opener at 490Lbs, then failed 510Lbs. I totaled 1,200Lbs at 160.2Lbs. I did end up winning my wight class and I won overall best lifter, but I didn't really have much competition. I think I snagged some state records as well but I feel that national records would be a lot cooler hahahaha. Overall it was a needed experience and I'm definitely going to be ready for my next one. Thanks for reading this far. I hope you enjoy my timelapse ! Another bummer was Drone actually knew we were close to the airport so it wouldn't go more than 30' in the air. Luckily I was at about 300 feet being on a parking structure (; So it tuned out okay. 

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