Aaron Greenblat

I've known Aaron for quite comes time now. When I got pulled up to Varsity my Sophomore year him and I were on the same team for football. He was the star wide receiver and I was just the littlest kid on the team. He was always really nice to me, compared to the other sophomores that got brought up. We had these stickers we would receive to put on our helmets if we had a good play or for wins n what not, & I would always, always after practice move them around on his helmet. I honestly don't think he ever found out it was me (until now, if you even remember). But they would always be put right back where they were the next day, haha, I definitely had fun with it.  Anyway, Aaron and I then coached Reed Football together as well. Getting a lot closer the first year I coached, I saw him open up a lot and he was just as goofy as I was. Opposed the normal, serious, straight faced, 4.0 student kid I remembered. 

The shoot was an absolute blast, feeling comfortable during a shoot is like the key ingredient to getting good shots for me. Aaron is actually moving down to San Fran after he graduates this year from UNR.  To further his education and move on to medical school with ambitions of becoming an Orthopedic Surgeon. I wish you the best of luck my friend. Thanks for putting up with my silly self during the shoot. (:

I had to throw a couple goofy ones in there too (; Sorry 

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