Possibly my best shoot yet?

Meet Brooke, a 17 year old that lives and attends school in Truckee. She will be graduating this year as a junior, with ambitions of becoming a tattoo artist. She has an internship lined up at Endless Ink in downtown Reno. For this shoot she claimed that she had never gotten her pictures taken before, but after looking at these, I don't think you'd believe her either. This was supposed to be a quick 30min shoot, but she was killing it so we stayed out a little more. After getting to know her a little she was getting more and more comfortable being in front of the camera. You can really see her personality well behind these pictures. Back to the title of this post, In my opinion I think this was, if not one of the best, but the best shoots I've done thus far. I was getting really experimental with poses and honestly just having fun with it too. I feel as a photographer you really have to show the client that they can be comfortable and vulnerable around you , ie. having myself (not on purpose) falling into a river or tripping down a small cliff, to show them that we are in the shoot together to make the best outcome possible. 

Thanks again Brooke for letting me take your pictures ((: 

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