Chimney Beach, Lake Tahoe Star Timelapse + Drone Footage

I got really creative with this particular timelapse, first I would just put a straight across timelapse sequence with a song and call it good. Then graduated to using my drone to incorporate more scenery of the location. But for this one I already knew the song I wanted to use so that always makes the vision and things so much easier. My friend Alex wanted to join & in the song were perfect parts for her to be in video. Which I think was just plan badass. I've evolved quite a bit and I can't wait to see where else I go (: 

The journey started around 6pm. I went to pick up Alex so we could head out to Tahoe for an evening of camera remotes and star gazing. A couple days before I scouted the location using Google earth, Google maps, and a program called Stellarium. At the beach we went to there is a Chimney that's embedded into the ground hence the name "Chimney Beach". I've seen pictures where people pin point the north star then place it on top of an object to then capture a star trail circling around it. It was my first time trying it out and I did a really good job, I did miss the point a tad but you can't really tell (: there were 3 other dude up there that actually kayaked into the beach. They were just chillin there utilizing the fireplace and playing some good music. I flew my drone a little too late so that ISO was bumped up a lot so the quality was sacrificed. I started my star timelapses at 9:30. And we didn't leave, and stop the cameras till 4:30am. 

A lot of people don't realize the process of which you have to go through to get these shots and videos. I've spent the last 19 hours making this video. Stayed up all night, got home around 7:30, crashed for about 2 hours then started stitching together the footage. Stuff like this is what I absolutely adore. Who cares about missing a night of sleep for moments you'll remember for the rest of your life. Thanks for all of the support <3 (: 

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